We are a leading Wholesale Supplier of lj 1020 clutch gear, lj 1160 fuser drive gear, lj 5200 clutch gear, lj 5200 drum drive gears, lj 5200 fuser drive gear and lj 5200 motor gear.

LJ 1020 Clutch Gear

LJ 1160 Fuser Drive Gear

LJ 5200 Clutch Gear

LJ 5200 Drum Drive Gears

LJ 5200 Fuser Drive Gear

LJ 5200 Motor Gear

LJ P1007 Fuser Drive Gear

LJ P1505 Fuser Drive Gear

LJ P4014 Motor Gear

LJ PRO401 Fuser Drive Gear

LX 300 PFR Gear

LX 300 Ribbon Drive Gear Set

LJ P3005 Fuser Drive Gears

ML 1610 Clutch Gear

Photosmart 4288 Clutch Gear

Samsung SCX 4521 4321 Clutch Gear


LJ P1007 Belt Drive Gear

We carry maximum range of gears for laser printers like fuser drive gears, pressure roller gears, clutch gears, drum drive gears. Though gears are small parts but they are very important part for smooth running of printers. Our gears are all imported and made from the original plastic material. Quality of our gear is very good and near to original.


  • Material: Steel
  • Clutch Type:    Dry clutch comp
  • Tolerance: +-0.05mm
  • Teeth Number: 77